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Experience permaculture in Cyprus...

Paphos Green Goddess works out of a family home that is feeling its way toward a more sustainable, resilient, and restorative lifestyle. Here we share the lessons we have learned and the insights we have gained.

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We all feel the changes in our environment...

Summers are warmer, winters are drier. Fewer birds fill the air with their song. Floods and wildfires dominate the news, elbowing aside rumours of war, and tales of migration. Discarded plastic lines our roadsides. Insects no longer splatter against our windshields during summer drives. And from every speaker, every billboard, every screen blasts the message “Buy, buy, Buy!"

It’s easy to feel powerless, alone, unheard. To think one’s actions inconsequential in the face of pollution, habitat loss, extinction. But we are not alone. Millions of us feel the dissonance of these tumultuous times. And millions can make a difference.

We must learn to live within the limits of nature and the Earth; and restorative agriculture can provide for all — the model of the small, diverse family farm out performs Big Ag’s monocultures every time.

Rachael Pettus

Workshops that inspire...

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In our workshops you use your hands: it is the best way to learn and remember.

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You gain practical knowledge and first-hand experiences.

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We have fun. We talk, joke and tell stories. We eat and drink from what the land has produced.

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Paphos Green Goddess shows her permaculture garden

Experience our garden and field on an open day or in a private tour...

Discover design features that are important to our daily lives. We seek to live more lightly on the Earth — to consume less, to give more. Paphos Green Goddess offers a glimpse of alternative methods of food production and consumption, as well as tips on living with minimal waste: recycling, up-cycling, capturing energy, providing habitat.

We attended a workshop with Rachael about permaculture and using recycled materials to grow seedlings. We learnt so much from Rachael- she is so knowledgeable and explains everything so clearly. So children and adults can both benefit. We loved exploring her amazing gardens and took so much inspiration from her. Would totally recommend these workshops for anyone interested in permaculture, no matter what age you are!
Lauren and Laurien

Lauren & Laurien

Self Watering Plant Workshop

A family place...

Paphos Green Goddess is our home. Here we live close to nature, with natural habitats for insects, snakes, bees and lizards. We focus on agriculture and sustainability. Located just outside the Paphos District village of Nikokleia, the certified organic site includes mature mango, olive, and avocado trees as well as over 1,000 vines for wine production.

The founder of Paphos Green Goddess picking strawberries while children are waiting

A blog worth reading...

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