The Year in Pictures


5 minutes

Truly 2023 was wonderful in all respects but one: no mango harvest -- the weather, the climate, the forces of nature decided that not only for us, but for all mango producers, 2023 would be barren -- so there are no photos of mangoes to share...

But from welcoming Anna-Maria Weinhold, photographer and web designer, to the Green Goddess team -- the reason that you can view the website and experience her wonderful photographs -- through the running of four Open Days on the Solstices and Equinoxes and the holding of workshops, the harvesting of grapes and the making of wine, as well as olive and now avocado picking, it has been a busy and productive year.

Workshops covered a range of subjects: Carobs and lemons, natural skin care, the construction of self-watering plant pots and 'hotels' to help solitary bees. Twenty twenty-four will see these workshops repeated as well as some new ones.

So, look back over the year with us, and get ready to step forward into the future.

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