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Learn about permaculture in our workshops in Cyprus...

At Paphos Green Goddess we offer workshops which focus on designs that echo nature and support sustainability.

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  • Carobs hanging in a tree - picture taken by Anna-Maria Weinhold

    Carob — Black Gold of Cyprus

  • Join us in the field and kitchen to learn how to harvest carobs and make our delicious cookies from scratch.

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  • Diagram of a bathtub converted to a worm farm

    Bathtub to Worm Farm...

  • Learn how to turn discarded items -- all too common in Cyprus -- into a worm farm.

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  • Lemon tree photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash

    When Life Gives You Lemons

  • In this workshop we will get creative making one sweet (lemon curd), and one savoury (lemon paste flavour bomb) recipe.

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  • hand cream in jars

    Natural Skin Care

  • If you want to learn how to make natural skin care products from basic ingredients that cost only pennies, this workshop is for you. Together we will explore the uses of beeswax (for vegans we can substitute candelilla wax), olive oil, coconut oil, and natural fragrances to make lip balms and salves.

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  • Bottles with clear liquid and flowers

    Natural House Cleaners

  • Commercial cleaning products often include lists of harmful chemicals, are packed in plastic, and travel many miles before they reach your home. Why not learn to save money, safeguard your health, and reduce plastic waste by learning to create your own? Using simple ingredients and recipes we discuss how to make basic cleaning materials that will keep your bathroom and kitchen, as well as all the other rooms in your house clean and sweet-smelling. Learn the secrets of cleaning glass for pennies, and keeping wood lustrous and shining!

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  • Plant nurseries made out of plastic bottles and old fabric

    Self Watering Plant-pots and Plant Propagation

  • Come and learn how to create your own plant nursery: save money on plants, and recycle.

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  • four bee hotels made of wood

    Bee Hotel

  • In this workshop we build a bee hotel made from upcycled pallets and other waste wood.

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