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Bathtub to Worm Farm...

Learn how to turn discarded items -- all too common in Cyprus -- into a worm farm.

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It takes place at
Paphos Green Goddess

What we do

Using discarded pallets and pallet wood we design a frame to hold a jacuzzi that was found dumped up a river valley. We discuss what is necessary for the design: height, accessibility, water outlet, etc., then get to work. There are two jacuzzis and plenty of pallets. On a first come, first served basis -- and with a small additional charge -- participants can take their creations home, along with a starter pack of compost worms and horse manure. It won't fit in your car, but we will arrange something with the truck... We will also talk about vermiculture and how to use and cherish your compost worms.

Participants get hands-on

What you get

A discussion on the value of compost worms and their products, the experience of designing and building a worm compost bin made from up-cycled object. A snack and drink, great company, a fun day out.

Who should come

Because we are using power tools, it might not be great for children under 8 years old. Anyone under 12 must be accompanied by a parent.

What to bring

Your interest and enthusiasm. All tools, snacks, drinks, and instructions are either provided or created onsite.

Be part of the solution

Trust your intuition and tread a path without justifying your choices. Not everyone’s ambitions align, and off-grid yurt life is not for all. But there are smaller, less extreme ways to redress the imbalance threatening our environment and our future. In this small, quiet corner of Paphos we are exploring some of them. Why not join us for the adventure?

Rachael Pettus

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