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Bee Hotel

In this workshop we build a bee hotel made from upcycled pallets and other waste wood.

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Paphos Green Goddess

What we do

Not all bees make honey! And not all bees live in hives… 368 of the 369 bees in Cyprus’ primary role is pollination — the fertilising of different plants, many of which we depend on for food. Diminishing numbers of pollinators, through pesticide use and habitat destruction, threatens our food supply, and thus our existence. So, what can we do? First, we can pledge to use no pesticides, and to encourage our friends and family to use integrated pest management to confront unwelcome infestations. Secondly, we can provide accommodation to welcome our winged friends into our backyards and garden spaces to give our flowers, fruits, and vegetables their best chance to flourish and reproduce. Using up-cycled, recycled, and locally sourced natural materials, our bee hotel building workshop is where you can let your imagination free and design and build a structure that will welcome pollinators for years to come.

Participants get hands-on

What you get

You get in depth discussion of the bees of Cyprus and the habits of solitary bees, as well as a look around the garden to see how pollination works, and how important is creating a habitat with flowers and perennials that welcome and encourage solitary bees into your area. Then, using recycled containers and provided ‘hotel templates’ as well as locally sourced natural materials, we build unique and individual bee hotels for you to take home. All tools and materials are provided, but if you have containers that you would like to up-cycle (clean tin cans, plastic bottles, etc) feel free to bring them along.

Who should come

This workshop is for the whole family! Even very young children enjoy looking at flowers and fruits and designing and creating the bee hotels. We use power tools and hot glue guns, so parental supervision is required.

What to bring

Bring your enthusiasm, and clean and empty tin cans if you have them.

Be part of the solution

Trust your intuition and tread a path without justifying your choices. Not everyone’s ambitions align, and off-grid yurt life is not for all. But there are smaller, less extreme ways to redress the imbalance threatening our environment and our future. In this small, quiet corner of Paphos we are exploring some of them. Why not join us for the adventure?

Rachael Pettus

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