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Natural House Cleaners

Commercial cleaning products often include lists of harmful chemicals, are packed in plastic, and travel many miles before they reach your home. Why not learn to save money, safeguard your health, and reduce plastic waste by learning to create your own? Using simple ingredients and recipes we discuss how to make basic cleaning materials that will keep your bathroom and kitchen, as well as all the other rooms in your house clean and sweet-smelling. Learn the secrets of cleaning glass for pennies, and keeping wood lustrous and shining!

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Paphos Green Goddess

What we do

We compare natural ingredients like vinegar, baking soda, pure soap, beeswax, and essential oils with the ingredients in commercial cleaners. Then we make glass cleaner, a surface cleaner for kitchens and bathrooms, talk about minimising limescale, and the anti-microbial properties of essential oils.

Participants get hands-on

What you get

All materials are included as well as recipes for cleaners. Tea, coffee, and snacks. Take home some of the cleaners that we make.

Who should come

The workshop may not be interesting for small children, but otherwise anyone who lives in and keeps a house clean will benefit!

What to bring

Your interest and enthusiasm. All tools, snacks, drinks, and instructions are either provided or created onsite.

Be part of the solution

Trust your intuition and tread a path without justifying your choices. Not everyone’s ambitions align, and off-grid yurt life is not for all. But there are smaller, less extreme ways to redress the imbalance threatening our environment and our future. In this small, quiet corner of Paphos we are exploring some of them. Why not join us for the adventure?

Rachael Pettus

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