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Self Watering Plant-pots and Plant Propagation

Come and learn how to create your own plant nursery: save money on plants, and recycle.

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What we do

One of the difficulties of starting seeds and raising seedlings is maintaining a moist growing medium without damaging the fragile sprouts. Fortunately, Green Goddess has an answer which also provides a second use for plastic bottles and old tee-shirts: plant pots that water themselves! Come and learn how to create your own plant nursery: save money on plants (seedlings cost 20 cents apiece and a plant shop!), and recycle. We will learn the best bottles to use, how to line them with old t-shirts, fill them with compost, and start seeds.

Participants get hands-on

What you get

You take away your own self-watering plant pots — as many as you have made. These will be filled with soil and planted with seeds. Children are particularly enthusiastic about watching beans and tomatoes growing, and we usually have a good selection of other seeds that you can plant in your take-away pot to start your own plant nursery.

Who should come

This workshop is for the whole family! Because we use sharp scissors to cut the plastic bottles, parental supervision is a must for young children, but there are plenty of other tasks for small hands.

What to bring

If you have clean plastic containers for recycling (milk, soft-drink, water bottles of 1-2 litres, even the 4 litre containers for vinegar or de-ionised water — nothing that has stored chemicals, detergents, or oils) you are welcome to bring them, but we have a good supply of our own. If you have old cotton t-shirts that are destined for the rag bag, bring them, too.

Be part of the solution

Trust your intuition and tread a path without justifying your choices. Not everyone’s ambitions align, and off-grid yurt life is not for all. But there are smaller, less extreme ways to redress the imbalance threatening our environment and our future. In this small, quiet corner of Paphos we are exploring some of them. Why not join us for the adventure?

Rachael Pettus

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